kotak surat riza

travel around the world…

Swap Card


I am interesting in direct swap.

If you want to get one of the card listed above, do not hesitate to contact me ^_^

This page will be updated every time! Keep in touch!

Enjoy it and happy post-crossing ^_^



It was designed and printed by myself. Not pretty enough, but it's my first time to made it :D Did you know? I am very happy to have my first postcrossing to Germany. I have desire to study there. ^_^ is it a luck or a chance? :D  Picture : own collection >> makara UI; Shark (Suro) and Crocodile (Buoyo) statue - the symbol of Surabaya; Bromo-Semeru-Bathok Mountain; Tanjung Papuma.

my 1st postcard design

Special dedicated for all UI-ers. This photo was taken when I have finished my thesis presentation. There is a habit, when student of Faculty of Economy Universitas Indonesia finished his/her study, he/she must be plunged to the pool. Although I am not an Economic student, I have been a "victim" of it. :D

kolam makara FE-UI

coastarina, Batam -- University of Indonesia, Depok -- Tanjung Papuma, Jember -- Bromo, Probolinggo -- National Monument (Monumen Nasional - Monas), Jakarta -- Indonesian Archipelago

003 – this is Indonesia ^^

Indonesian Archipelago; beautiful Indonesia -- Red-and-white; colors of the flag of Indonesia -- Garuda; a symbol of unitary republic of Indonesia

Indonesian Archipelago







Special Edition :


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