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An envelopes of special PCs [WSC-2012]


Jakarta, 18 – 24 June 2012

I was very happy when I went to Jakarta Convention Center a few weeks ago for visiting annual world stamp exhibition. Initially, my agenda was meet up with post-crosser Indonesia on 10 am. But I must went to my classmate wedding party, so I was late coming there. I arrived there on 2.30 pm, so unfortunately I could not meet up with the post-crosser.

At the time, I met one of my classmate that is philatelist like me 🙂

And…. here is the surprise cards I got from there (all 5 cards are together in a unique envelopes design).

*I got a hat from one booth that showing a packet of envelopes, stamps, and phone-card. But sadly, I loss it when I hunting the series of stamps event 😦

The mascot of WSC 2012 : Komodo

The mascot of INDONESIA 2012 is represented by a prehistoric reptile species called Komodo (Varanus Komodoensis). The endangered species first lived during the time of Dinosaurs millions of years ago and amazingly has survived until today on the island of Komodo, as well as neighbouring island of Rinca, Padar, and West Flores of East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. The mascot shows a Komodo Wearing ‘kain tenunan ikat’ or local traditional hand-woven material and holding a magnifying glass.[*]



The symbol of postman and postwoman with the characteristic of Indonesian postal color



*sumber di sini


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