kotak surat riza

travel around the world…


prologue: I try to make all posts in English, but sometime in any others (Germany, Arab, Indonesian, etc) 😀

Assalamu’alaikum wr wb…

Welcome to my “mail-box”….

Ahlan waa sahlan….

This blog is dedicated to my dream! 😀

Yeah, I always dreaming to have a journey around the world.

Because of my activities (read: study and work), my dream is not realized yet. Not now, one day, it will comes true! Amiin ^_^ *pray*

So, by post-crossing, I hope I learn about a place that will I visiting tomorrow 😀 it’s not only about the historical, or location, but something more. The language! I love to learn foreign language very much! When I was at elementary school, I have to read and write in any code, for example Morse Code (I can do it well), or any code in flag (read: semaphore), or others code. I am a scout, so I can do it. 😀

I am also love to learn a lot of each culture and traditions of each country.

Yes, of course, I’m so interested on knowing about different places and cities around the world, and so I’d love to get postcards of landscaping, major monuments or building in your area and perhaps some little explanation. I would really appreciate if you could share a beautiful story with a unique postcard or stamps from your country, be it your activity, your dream, when you were most happiest, a special theory you have or whatever inspires you. But, every card you’ll send to me, you will make my day colorful. I believe that something positive will transmits some other positive things. Just relax your day, and this is it, the real human contact is the best part of post-crossing! ^_^

I am open to make a friend with everyone ^_^

Glad to be friends with you…




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